Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Let me out, let me out, let me out... Let me in, let me in, let me in!!!!!

41 weeks and 2 days later...

Cooper Landon Fisher has finally joined the Fisher family!!! He was born at 9:08 pm on June 7th. He weighs 8 lbs 4 oz and is 21 inches long. After 36 hours of labor and not sleeping more that 20 hours in the last week, Nicole was exhausted. Once he was born though, all thoughts of sleep went out the window. It's funny how adrenaline will get ya going again, that and the cutest baby anyone has ever seen! ;)

It was so fun to see what the little guy that had been kicking and punching at anything in his space for the last few months actually looks like. His pudgy cheeks and his scrunched up nose make up the cutest little baby face ever; one you can't help but love and cuddle.

After cuddling with mommy for about an hour, daddy got to give the yet unnamed baby his first bath.  He really loved the part where he got his hair washed!

Then we were off to settle into our room for the night. He was all bundled up in his little blanket and ready to enjoy the night with mom and dad when the nurse noticed that he was breathing way too fast. While everything else looked just fine, they decided to take him to the nursery to double check and make sure everything was okay.

So off he went. 4 hours later, he was admitted to the NICU. His lung x-rays showed that there was a lot of inflammation in his lungs and they figured he must have inhaled meconium. We finally went to bed after being awake for the last 44 hours wondering just how long we would have to wait to take our little one home.

The next 2 days seemed to all roll into one. Going back and forth between the room and the NICU every few hours to check and see how the little guy was doing. He seemed so tiny and fragile those first couple days because he was so sick. Even just touching him might cause him to fuss so holding and cuddling him wasn't really an option.

Poor baby... poked so many times
because he kept pulling out his IV...

Finally got to hold him!

He finally was awake enough
to take a picture together!
Daddy got to feed him!

Awake and bright eyed!
No more oxygen!!! 
Super proud daddy!
Same with mommy!
Passed the second time!
Check out my gangsta outfit!
First attempt at car-seat trial...
20 minutes shy of passing...

Whole family ready to go home together finally!
First time in the car!
That sun is so bright!
Great-grandma Patey hanging with Cooper!
Family pictures!
He slept all the way through them!
Can't help but love this little face!
Hanging in the swing!
So content to stare.
Really mom?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"This is too small for me!"

Definitely too small of a space...
you'd think he would come out already!
After 9 months... we are still waiting. This little one apparently needs all the time he can get because he doesn't seem to want to come out any time soon. Sure he's been tricking us into thinking he might come at any moment, but to no avail. So we resorted to all the tricks that everyone keeps suggesting... Long walks (which seem to work at first but once Nicole sits down and starts to relax, everything goes back to normal)... Foot messages (if nothing else Nicole thoroughly enjoys them)... Spicy food (really just makes the heartburn worse)... and the list goes on from there.

So after all the failed attempts, we decided that we were going to plan a fun filled Memorial Day and really enjoy ourselves- and who knows, maybe even get a baby out of it. We started off going out to lunch and bowling with one of Brian's old roommates and his wife (who is also pregnant but not due until the end of the summer). Unfortunately we forgot to get pictures of the event, we are fairly certain it was quite entertaining for anyone watching to see a 9 months pregnant lady bowling. Apparently bowling doesn't get a baby to come either though.

Let the games begin!
Afterwards we had some awesome barbecue ribs with Jen, our upstairs neighbor, before heading off to the other side of Utah Lake for some ridiculously awesome shotgun shooting. We were wondering if we could employ some scare tactics or something to get this baby to realize we want him to come... but once again, even that didn't work. Looks like we are just going to have to do things on his time because apparently, no matter what we do, he's not coming out yet.
The pregnant lady was surprised she actually hit
two of the clay pigeons she was aiming for!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"These Guys Don't Appreciate I'm Broke... Tell Ya All About it When I Got the Time!"

So after all the craziness and confusion of the first half of the semester, we finally have an idea of what is going on in our lives... well at least until the middle to end of July. After much trial and frustration, Brian is officially working for Pratt and Whitney! The best part, we get to stay in Provo and he works right across from the creamery on 9th! Which means Nicole gets to stay in school and finish up the last semester she has to do on campus! Unfortunately, Brian didn't make it into grad school so we will most likely be leaving once he is done with his internship. However that does mean that we have a much better idea of what we will be doing in the next few years.

Brian is grateful to finally not be at home all day. He is really enjoying his new job, and it looks like it's going to help open up a lot of great opportunities for him. He is in the process of applying for jobs that he could start at the end of the summer. So far he has applied to companies in Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Wisconsin, Missouri, California, New York, and Connecticut. Which means, we could end up pretty much anywhere as he is still applying for more positions.

Nicole is busy with school and actually really enjoying the classes she is in. (homework... not so much) She just finished making a zip-up maternity hoodie in her sewing class and has officially decided that she wants to get a Bernina sewing machine. Unfortunately, that will have to wait awhile as there are many other expenses that have to be met first.

As far as our little baby bump is concerned... Well lets just say that he is a "mover and shaker." Every day he seems to get more and more active than the day before. He has also decided that he likes his space and will kick anything and anyone who gets in it. Needless to say, cuddle time is often punctuated with random spasms that set off laughter on our part.

We also made a fun purchase this month thanks to the generosity of those who attended the baby shower back in January! We now have a car seat and stroller added to our baby collection! We are both pretty excited about it and can't wait until we can actually use them! Only 13 weeks left and it's entirely possible our little "bundle of joy" could be here before then!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Girl... You huge!"

So Nicole is starting to show and she is only just past the 5 month mark. She is going to have quite the portable table before she's done.
She also finished her sewing project for the baby rocker.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Ah... There's the little sunspot. Little snootchie."

Cutest little nose and face ever!
After 20 weeks of waiting and wondering, the wait is finally over! With much wiggling and squirming, our worst fears have been confirmed... there will be a little Brian wreaking havoc on our home.

Okay, so we are actually super excited! Nicole is a little disappointed that he's not a little girl and won't be continuing the oldest grandchild being a girl tradition, but she has quickly gotten over that minor detail and is now looking forward to the many adventures that are surely in store. Brian is and has been excited from the start. Brian's already talking to him about all the football games and things they are going to play together.

One thing is for sure, we are in for the ride of our lives. We think he held still for maybe 2 seconds during the entire ultrasound. One second he was laying on his back, the next he had rolled over onto his stomach. Luckily he was cooperative enough to get all the pictures they needed, he just didn't make it easy. If Brian's actions as a child are any indication of how he's going to act, Nicole won't be getting any sleep for several years after he is born!

Full Body Shot
Cute little foot... that keeps kicking mommy!

At one point he decided he needed to stretch out completely!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"You are the boy from the market place. I knew it! Why did you lie to me?"

Okay, so not quite exactly lying about who we are... but what we are, yes! Yes, it's true and official! We are pregnant! We let the cat out of the bag over Thanksgiving break. So for all of you that we "deceived" into believing we weren't, we appologize! Something tells me though, parents would have been pretty upset had we not actually at least tried to tell them first!
This was taken Tuesday night after Brian's 
Ballroom Dance closing social... That is the 
last time Nicole will be wearing that dress for 

For you that haven't heard, here's the skinny...

Nicole is 16 1/2 weeks along and Brian is grateful to be beyond the first trimester! (lets just say Nicole was sick for two months straight and Brian was the champ of all champs making sure she was taken care of and as "comfortable" as possible!) We've discovered that Nicole is lucky enough to be feeling much better now and we're ready for the adventure to begin! Oh, and no, this was not an accident! It was totally planned- hence Nicole will be done with school for a month before she has the baby and the rest of school can be done through independent study!

On another note, Brian is graduating in a week!!!! It always seems days like these will never come, and yet here it is "just around the river bend"! Right before Thanksgiving, Brian was interviewed for a co-op (8 month internship after you graduate) with Pratt and Whitney. We finally heard back and despite the first disappointment of not getting it right away, the resume continued on and it sounds like they really want Brian out there. (the only problem is finding a way to make it work since they don't actually have co-op positions starting in January, but they sure sound like they are trying!) So we could just very well end up in Middletown, CT, come January! As much as it would be crazy to be all the way out there, move in January, and our families would hate us for taking the baby out there, it's one of those opportunities that you just can't pass up! So come what may, and love it!
"Or not to be"
"To be?"

Monday, November 7, 2011

This is a test

We are setting up our blog so we need to have a post so that we know what it looks like.