Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"These Guys Don't Appreciate I'm Broke... Tell Ya All About it When I Got the Time!"

So after all the craziness and confusion of the first half of the semester, we finally have an idea of what is going on in our lives... well at least until the middle to end of July. After much trial and frustration, Brian is officially working for Pratt and Whitney! The best part, we get to stay in Provo and he works right across from the creamery on 9th! Which means Nicole gets to stay in school and finish up the last semester she has to do on campus! Unfortunately, Brian didn't make it into grad school so we will most likely be leaving once he is done with his internship. However that does mean that we have a much better idea of what we will be doing in the next few years.

Brian is grateful to finally not be at home all day. He is really enjoying his new job, and it looks like it's going to help open up a lot of great opportunities for him. He is in the process of applying for jobs that he could start at the end of the summer. So far he has applied to companies in Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Wisconsin, Missouri, California, New York, and Connecticut. Which means, we could end up pretty much anywhere as he is still applying for more positions.

Nicole is busy with school and actually really enjoying the classes she is in. (homework... not so much) She just finished making a zip-up maternity hoodie in her sewing class and has officially decided that she wants to get a Bernina sewing machine. Unfortunately, that will have to wait awhile as there are many other expenses that have to be met first.

As far as our little baby bump is concerned... Well lets just say that he is a "mover and shaker." Every day he seems to get more and more active than the day before. He has also decided that he likes his space and will kick anything and anyone who gets in it. Needless to say, cuddle time is often punctuated with random spasms that set off laughter on our part.

We also made a fun purchase this month thanks to the generosity of those who attended the baby shower back in January! We now have a car seat and stroller added to our baby collection! We are both pretty excited about it and can't wait until we can actually use them! Only 13 weeks left and it's entirely possible our little "bundle of joy" could be here before then!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Girl... You huge!"

So Nicole is starting to show and she is only just past the 5 month mark. She is going to have quite the portable table before she's done.
She also finished her sewing project for the baby rocker.