Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Ah... There's the little sunspot. Little snootchie."

Cutest little nose and face ever!
After 20 weeks of waiting and wondering, the wait is finally over! With much wiggling and squirming, our worst fears have been confirmed... there will be a little Brian wreaking havoc on our home.

Okay, so we are actually super excited! Nicole is a little disappointed that he's not a little girl and won't be continuing the oldest grandchild being a girl tradition, but she has quickly gotten over that minor detail and is now looking forward to the many adventures that are surely in store. Brian is and has been excited from the start. Brian's already talking to him about all the football games and things they are going to play together.

One thing is for sure, we are in for the ride of our lives. We think he held still for maybe 2 seconds during the entire ultrasound. One second he was laying on his back, the next he had rolled over onto his stomach. Luckily he was cooperative enough to get all the pictures they needed, he just didn't make it easy. If Brian's actions as a child are any indication of how he's going to act, Nicole won't be getting any sleep for several years after he is born!

Full Body Shot
Cute little foot... that keeps kicking mommy!

At one point he decided he needed to stretch out completely!