Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"This is too small for me!"

Definitely too small of a space...
you'd think he would come out already!
After 9 months... we are still waiting. This little one apparently needs all the time he can get because he doesn't seem to want to come out any time soon. Sure he's been tricking us into thinking he might come at any moment, but to no avail. So we resorted to all the tricks that everyone keeps suggesting... Long walks (which seem to work at first but once Nicole sits down and starts to relax, everything goes back to normal)... Foot messages (if nothing else Nicole thoroughly enjoys them)... Spicy food (really just makes the heartburn worse)... and the list goes on from there.

So after all the failed attempts, we decided that we were going to plan a fun filled Memorial Day and really enjoy ourselves- and who knows, maybe even get a baby out of it. We started off going out to lunch and bowling with one of Brian's old roommates and his wife (who is also pregnant but not due until the end of the summer). Unfortunately we forgot to get pictures of the event, we are fairly certain it was quite entertaining for anyone watching to see a 9 months pregnant lady bowling. Apparently bowling doesn't get a baby to come either though.

Let the games begin!
Afterwards we had some awesome barbecue ribs with Jen, our upstairs neighbor, before heading off to the other side of Utah Lake for some ridiculously awesome shotgun shooting. We were wondering if we could employ some scare tactics or something to get this baby to realize we want him to come... but once again, even that didn't work. Looks like we are just going to have to do things on his time because apparently, no matter what we do, he's not coming out yet.
The pregnant lady was surprised she actually hit
two of the clay pigeons she was aiming for!