Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"You are the boy from the market place. I knew it! Why did you lie to me?"

Okay, so not quite exactly lying about who we are... but what we are, yes! Yes, it's true and official! We are pregnant! We let the cat out of the bag over Thanksgiving break. So for all of you that we "deceived" into believing we weren't, we appologize! Something tells me though, parents would have been pretty upset had we not actually at least tried to tell them first!
This was taken Tuesday night after Brian's 
Ballroom Dance closing social... That is the 
last time Nicole will be wearing that dress for 

For you that haven't heard, here's the skinny...

Nicole is 16 1/2 weeks along and Brian is grateful to be beyond the first trimester! (lets just say Nicole was sick for two months straight and Brian was the champ of all champs making sure she was taken care of and as "comfortable" as possible!) We've discovered that Nicole is lucky enough to be feeling much better now and we're ready for the adventure to begin! Oh, and no, this was not an accident! It was totally planned- hence Nicole will be done with school for a month before she has the baby and the rest of school can be done through independent study!

On another note, Brian is graduating in a week!!!! It always seems days like these will never come, and yet here it is "just around the river bend"! Right before Thanksgiving, Brian was interviewed for a co-op (8 month internship after you graduate) with Pratt and Whitney. We finally heard back and despite the first disappointment of not getting it right away, the resume continued on and it sounds like they really want Brian out there. (the only problem is finding a way to make it work since they don't actually have co-op positions starting in January, but they sure sound like they are trying!) So we could just very well end up in Middletown, CT, come January! As much as it would be crazy to be all the way out there, move in January, and our families would hate us for taking the baby out there, it's one of those opportunities that you just can't pass up! So come what may, and love it!
"Or not to be"
"To be?"