Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Let me out, let me out, let me out... Let me in, let me in, let me in!!!!!

41 weeks and 2 days later...

Cooper Landon Fisher has finally joined the Fisher family!!! He was born at 9:08 pm on June 7th. He weighs 8 lbs 4 oz and is 21 inches long. After 36 hours of labor and not sleeping more that 20 hours in the last week, Nicole was exhausted. Once he was born though, all thoughts of sleep went out the window. It's funny how adrenaline will get ya going again, that and the cutest baby anyone has ever seen! ;)

It was so fun to see what the little guy that had been kicking and punching at anything in his space for the last few months actually looks like. His pudgy cheeks and his scrunched up nose make up the cutest little baby face ever; one you can't help but love and cuddle.

After cuddling with mommy for about an hour, daddy got to give the yet unnamed baby his first bath.  He really loved the part where he got his hair washed!

Then we were off to settle into our room for the night. He was all bundled up in his little blanket and ready to enjoy the night with mom and dad when the nurse noticed that he was breathing way too fast. While everything else looked just fine, they decided to take him to the nursery to double check and make sure everything was okay.

So off he went. 4 hours later, he was admitted to the NICU. His lung x-rays showed that there was a lot of inflammation in his lungs and they figured he must have inhaled meconium. We finally went to bed after being awake for the last 44 hours wondering just how long we would have to wait to take our little one home.

The next 2 days seemed to all roll into one. Going back and forth between the room and the NICU every few hours to check and see how the little guy was doing. He seemed so tiny and fragile those first couple days because he was so sick. Even just touching him might cause him to fuss so holding and cuddling him wasn't really an option.

Poor baby... poked so many times
because he kept pulling out his IV...

Finally got to hold him!

He finally was awake enough
to take a picture together!
Daddy got to feed him!

Awake and bright eyed!
No more oxygen!!! 
Super proud daddy!
Same with mommy!
Passed the second time!
Check out my gangsta outfit!
First attempt at car-seat trial...
20 minutes shy of passing...

Whole family ready to go home together finally!
First time in the car!
That sun is so bright!
Great-grandma Patey hanging with Cooper!
Family pictures!
He slept all the way through them!
Can't help but love this little face!
Hanging in the swing!
So content to stare.
Really mom?